N. A very small, slim gay man (5'7" or shorter). So named because they're small enough to "put in your pocket."
With his size six shoes, 27-inch-waisted painter pants and extra-small T-shirts from Express, he's the pimp of the pocket gays.
by gregworld77 October 14, 2006
Top Definition
An extremely short gay person.
JACK: Well, you see what you have there, don't you?
WILL: I see what I don't have, the other half of my date.
JACK: What you have... is a pocket gay.
WILL: A pocket gay?
JACK: A pocket gay. The perfect travel-size homosexual. Just pop him in a man-purse, a briefcase, and you're good to go. In ten years they'll be making 'em all that way.

by Andrew Melvin May 01, 2008
also known as PG. Little/short gay man that can fit in your pocket
He is so PG, he can fit in your pocket.
by mel October 28, 2004
A perfect travel-sized homosexual.
From Will and Grace:

Jack: What you have there is a Pocket Gay. Just pop him in a man-purse or briefcase and you're good to go. In ten year's they'll be makin' them all that way.
by Cadyelle July 31, 2008
A homosexual male that is vertically challenged, or otherwise smaller, either in size or stature, to his gay peers.
Tom is only 5 feet tall, therefore, he's a pocketgay.
by JamesWax July 20, 2006
Pocket Gay
Someone who is Gay within there pockets or pants
Instead of closet gay you could be a pocket gay where you will sit down somewhere and put your hands in your pocket and masterbate while looking at another person of the same gender
by cannibal666 May 24, 2009
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