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(1)poaf is another name for fart
instead of using the word farted or fart, poaf or poafed can take its place

(2)Poaf is a name you call someone when you cant think of anything else

(1) "hey wow I just poafed!"
"did you hear that poaf?"

(2) Tiffany stop being such a poaf!"
by SoWrongItsDano April 02, 2008
Pissed Off As Fuck; extremly agitated or overwhelmingly upset.
I didn't have time to plan out my christmas shopping this year. I'm extremly P.O.A.F.!
by b_rock44 January 04, 2011
Did you just poaf?
by Stonus November 10, 2009
Poaf is just poaf... it is it's own definition

Poaf is poaf

nothing more or less
You are a flaming poaf.
by Erik P May 09, 2005
Poaf-ed, Poaves: (Poe-f: Bread LOAF, with a P)

1. A poop loaf.
2. A loaf of poop.
3. To pinch off a loafer.
You are a poaf; Dude! Why did you eat that poaf!; You are all poaves; I just poafed.
by Nephyst and Merlo May 21, 2007

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