(POA)-PO-eh-tree- n. When you are not of poetic form or do not write poetry, but say deep and meaningful words, almost like a poem. Mostly refered to as Deep or, "that's deep" in meaning. Poas do not think of most poetry but daily say metaphoric phrases. Poa is a word most used on AIM do to the significant experience of opening up online than in society. It can be used as a word amongst a band of friends.
Most of my friends say I am deep, But really I am more of a Poa than anything. I speak like I am reading from a book of poetry.
"you are an extreme Poa."
by Traci B. November 01, 2006
POA means "Prisoner of Azkaban" when Harry Potter freaks are talking about said book.
Man my SIS and I think POA rawked!!
by Lumca July 19, 2005
Plan of Action, what you plan to do. usually used in a "im gonna kick the shit out of him" tone
If that motherfucker ditched out on me to smoke some mary jane, my POA would be to fucking choke a bitch
by jbatch892 November 18, 2005
This is an acronym for "pile of atoms". This refers to the idea that a person views themselves or others as merely a pile of atoms and without spiritual qualities. Adjective: poatic
She viewed his efforts at compassion and empathy as wasted effort, typical of a poa.
by Gregory V. Richardson July 19, 2004

Where (|) represents the whole ass, ( represents a POA.
gigglygirl2323: OMG 11!!!1 WTF HA IS SO HOT!11! OMG LOL I WANT 2 HAEV HIS BABEIS AL TEH TIEM1!!1!1 LOL

gigglyfriend3333: he is. (
by justin February 26, 2004
The subject of a poem.
He was happy to be the poa of her poem.
by akabakab June 19, 2004

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