Poop On A Stick- its not just a word... its a way of life
If God played hangman, he would choose poas.
by dvdizzle April 04, 2006
chill out in Swahili
Don't stress out - Poa!
How's it going - "Poa!"
by readersrwe August 28, 2008
Pissing out my ass...diarrhea
Dude that bean burrito has me POA!
by Doing a little paperwork January 25, 2009
Price On Application- you gotta ask what it costs.
Motorcycle for sale, low miles, rides like a dream, POA
by blah-de-friken-bla May 17, 2005
Contrary to the belief that only guys use the term PoA, girls use it too. A PoA (Piece of Ass) is someone that a girl can use for free alcohol, parties, and, of course, ass.
Tina: Frank is such a bastard.
Joe: Well, it's a good thing he's only a PoA, just go to number 2.
Tina: Trucifer!
by JoeSabs February 07, 2007
"Piss Out the Ass"
When a person is unfortunately suffering from some mad diarrhea.
Mary: "You're not looking so great, Josh."

Josh: "I know, I've got some mad POA. I've spent 5 hours in the bathroom today."
by Lorla April 16, 2008
acronym for 'piece of ass' on a girl. meaning she has a really nice ass
yo dawg check out that POA on that brod, fa schizzle
by Sean April 14, 2004
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