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a po pmimp is a pimp with no money and some busted, loose, broke ass hoes.
for example if a guy says he's a pimp but he aint got no money, no hoes, and the ugliest broke down gear u ever seen, that when u know u is a po pimp
by tanisha greene July 11, 2005
55 34
Chi-town slang for a poor pimp.
G, in tha streetz of Chi all we do iz po' pimp.
by Sangre February 19, 2004
75 15
A poor pimp.
Po pimp has no money but still gets all the bitches for some reason.
That gold digging whore spends all his bitches money.
by foe t niner April 02, 2010
21 5
A poor pimp.
by anonymous April 29, 2003
29 30
Nickname for the Boston Celtics basketball player Paul Pierce.
You can't stop po pimp!
by gin February 15, 2005
17 38