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Slang term used by inner city residents,or wannabees, which means police.
Check it out dawg, it's the po nine!
#police #cops #jakes #po-po #pigs
by P Sull June 21, 2007
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shortterm for police in eye sight
thats a ponine that just passed
by Arsonist December 29, 2002
slang term for police
"Fuckin' ponine are tryin' to catch us ridin' dirty."
"Ridin' dirty!?"
"Ridin' dirty mu'fucker."
#ponine #police #cops #po-po #cop
by The_Champion November 26, 2006
Ricer slang for the cops,pigs,fuzz,5 o's,bears,police
Oh Snap dem ponines is after us!!!!
by Benito March 23, 2005
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