A Disease Caused By The Inhalation Of Fine Graphite Or Silicate Particles. Longest Word In The English Language.
(Frank): Hey Jimmy, Do You Want To Come Out And Play?
(Jimmy): No Way Man, I'm Sick Again.
(Frank): With What? The Cold?
(Jimmy): Hell No! I've Got Pneumonoultramicroscopic silicavolcanoconiosis.
(Frank): Oh Shit!!
by Dylan Roybal August 08, 2006
Top Definition
The longest word in the English language.

A disease of the lungs aquirable by the inhalation of silica dust.
Dude! That guy was diagnosed with pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicavolcanoconiosis yesterday. What a bummer!
by Stephen Corwin March 14, 2005
British spelling of the longest word in the English language. Meaning is a disease of the lung caused by inhaling volcano dust. The American spelling ends in koniosis.

(Ignore the fact that the word is broken in two. That's because UD limits words in example fields to 40 characters.)
"Spot of tea?"

"Oh, quite! Just the thing to soothe my pneumonoultramicroscopic silicavolcanoconiosis!"
by NightHawkHat February 02, 2008
A lung disease commonly found from miners. A long word which many people know about, but its application is very very very limited.
Zomfg: Oh my goodness! My cousin, who's a miner, has acquired a-a... uhmmm... I forgot the word.It's like pneumo-something-ishconiosis.

WtfLma0: it's pneumonoultramicroscopic silicavolcanoconiosis
by pongkoy October 16, 2007
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