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"pneis?" was first developed in the online game red orchestra. the user 13thrhohan/66 had an obsession with the word "penis". he kept accidentally typing the word "pneis" instead. due to the voice activation of ut2004, "pneis" is pronounced similiar to the word "nice". rhohan enjoyed this, and this became his motto. he is now greeted while entering a server, with at least 2 people saying "pneis? rhohan!"

there is no explanation for pneis?. there is no meaning. pneis? is not to be confused with penis. there is no excuse for pneis?.
13thrhohan/66 says: pneis?
by rhohan March 06, 2005
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pronounced: p' nay iss
Quite similar to a penis, but used more so for greeting card purposes. A p'neis can not be wounded or lean more than a millimeter in any direction for every meter of length. Often comically large and wonderfully friendly-looking, a p'neis is quite a site to behold.
-ayyo laquisha, you get yo man darryl that greeting card?
-naw girlfrand, he be beating me if i make him feel bad. he's big, but it ain't no p'neis.
by Cherrypopper6969 January 13, 2012
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It's like a penis, only smaller.
Holy shit, dude! That pneis fell right off the truck drivers mouth!
by gggggggu December 28, 2003
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