Pizza, Movie, wank
im having a PMW this weekend...
by st kilians May 25, 2010
Top Definition
PMW = Pussy Money Weed

It is said to be the three top things men enjoy the most. Also, it is a song made by Lil' Wayne.
Man, I love my boo more than PMW.
by Rrrrrrr November 08, 2007
Pussy, Money, Weed

The three things one needs in their whole life.
"All I want is PMW."
by Shelbz November 13, 2007
Stands for Palpate My Weiner.
Means to touch my Weiner. Usually in a sexual way. Sometimes it can be used in an instance where there has been an injury to the Penis.
I'd love for someone to PMW, I've done it enough myself.
by BlowjobJoe February 10, 2012
Patting My Weave
Eating some chicken wangs, watermelon and sippin on dat purple drank, PMW.
by hanamw July 15, 2011
Pizza, movie, wank(masturbation). A perfect lazy friday, when u couldn't be bothered to go out. Used in South Dublin slang.
I couldn't be bothered to go ages away for a crap party, instead i'll have a PMW
by awesomenick May 26, 2010
Patting-My-Weave: a cultural rendition of SMH (shaking my head)
flowergurl23: but he's my baby-daddy!
shakethat.thang08: ooooooh girl, nuh uh! PMW
by Interactpres July 11, 2011
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