The time of the month when women get there period or are around it and act phycotic. They are more sensitve and more emotional then ever and will cry and lash out over the smallest things. Beware...
In the middle of class a guy looks at his girlfriend and find her staring at him smiling and asks "What?." Girl starts to ball her eyes out, stands up, and yells "I WAS FUCKING LOOKING AT YOU BECAUSE I LOVE YOU!" then runs out of the classroom covering her eyes. Everyone stares at her boyfriend while he covers his face in embarrassment thinking she must be pmsing again . . . son of a bitch.
by BeenieBaby July 14, 2010
Around a woman's period - for some its before, some its after, and some its during, they start to go through mood swings and become very emotional. Yes, theyll bitch and blow up at the smallest things out of nowhere and then go back to feeling normal. But also the littlest things can make them cry at times.
"I was PMSing so badly today that when i drove by the cemetery, even though i dont know anybody that has died or is dying, i started crying.
by deja m June 09, 2006
When a woman is hormonal, irrational, moodswingy, bloated, crampy etc. due to the fact that she's on her period or is about to start her period.
boyfriend: hey babe. girlfriend: fuck off. boyfriend: woah, sorry. whats the matter? girlfriend: shuttup you douche bag. boyfriend: whats your problem? girlfriend: you think i'm fat?!?!?! thanks alote bastard. boyfriend: are you pmsing? girlfriend: yes, screw you ass hole! i need some tampons! boyfriend: it's okay babe i'll get you some. (boyfriend leaves to supposedly get tampons). boyfriend: (on cell phone) ahh dude i need to crash crib for a wee, jessica's pmsing!
by passionateone May 28, 2009
the reason girls get away with acting like ass holes and are allowed to treat people like shit. also, the reason they can randomly blow up at guys or cry!
beth: those pants make you look like you have two bowling balls shoved up your ass!
Beth: sorry besty! I was just pmsing!
Molly: God damnit Alex! how did you forget our 3 month 2 dayaversarry? I hate you!
Molly: sorry baby you know i love you(bring on the waterworks, total pmsing!)
by springbreakloner March 27, 2009
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