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Plywood pushers are people that say they can skate but actually can't skate, because there fuckin dirty posers I hate it. But anyway, they sit there in front of the skater kids and watch 'em skate for a while then decide tot ake their crappy "world industries" board out there and give it a shot. Not only do the skater kids laugh at him continuously, but they also laugh at the fact he has a shitty ass board that the stlye/company went out like a lamp light liek 5 years ago... Some of the "plywood pushers" would just go out there and try there best, and maybe get the honor to be the chosen one to hang out in the skater clique. There are also really fuckin retarded plywood pushers. they will sit there in their basement and actually chissel some of the paint off the bottom to look like they have been thrashing it up hardcore.
Sk8r: So, you skate man?
PWP: Yea. *scared and hoping the REAL sk8r dosnt ask him to try anyhting*
Sk8r: Cool, try a nosegrind on that rail.
PWP: A what?
Sk8r: A nose grind.
**PWP attempts to try, gets near the rail and pushes his board across the rail.**
Sk8r: dude, all you are is a plywood pusher.
by Lenora P December 13, 2006
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