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A horribly small town that has mostly stupid people, horses, llamas, and cows, sadly the few smart people who do live there end up dying of extreme boredom for the lack of stores malls or even traffic lights.
who wants to live in plympton, they dont even have a supermarket!
by Jaden January 25, 2005
A suburb of Plymouth Devon UK. Home of Black Friday. Where all the posh people with money in Plymouth live.
I live in Plympton. I have to get the bus to go out in union street
by Matt October 20, 2004
a town just west of east ass crack. a town where the entrance is marked by a farm. where few soul venture, and when they do, there sure to bring a fresh pair of underpants.
we dont go to plympton for good reasons
#pembroke #kingston #halifax #hanover #plymouth
by gilbertolio January 31, 2006
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