1. one of the planets of our solar system. Ceres and "Xena" are also planets. Anything that is round, orbits a star and is NOT a star itself is a planet, no matter what those cretins in the IAU say.

2. a Disney cartoon dog
1. Pluto is a planet, damn it!

2. My mom posed with me and Pluto when we were in Disneyworld in Florida.
by Starpunk October 06, 2006
A poor little planet that lost its title as planet recently and is now a "dwarf" planet. Pluto is beyond the Kuiper belt and crosses paths with Neptune every something or other years. It and its moon Charon orbit around each other.
Me: Pluto lost its title as planet. I feel bad for it.
Someone else: Its not a living thing so it doesn't matter.
by The Black Mew October 14, 2006
1. A loner reject planet that the solar system kicked out
2. Mickey Mouse's awesome dog
3. Your mum.
Sarah: I kinda feel sorry for Pluto, you know?
Bianca: What? The planet or the dog or what?
Sarah: the planet, DER.
by YOURMUMRATESME February 21, 2010
a planet that aint a planet no more in laymens terms. we just sent a probe there thats gonna reach in 2015 and it has 3 moons charon nix and hydra.it was demoted on august 24 2006 at like 8:00 am i think

oh and its also the dog in disney
bob used to be CEO for that company for 5 years but now he is foreman.man he got pluto'd
by amitima August 25, 2006
Stupid, ignorant, in the dark, not having a clue as to what's going on in the world, etc...The term derives from the fact that knowledge is often equated with light for it allows us to "see." The sun is the ultimate source of light and thus the ultimate symbol for knowledge. Anything far from it would by default be something that is also "far" from a source of knowledge in the way that Pluto is far from the sun. There's also the fact that Mickey Mouse's dog Pluto is an idiot.
I can't stand Pluto people. You know, those types that create more problems than they solve.

He's more Pluto than Pluto!

by Hack The Matrix January 09, 2008
1) The planet farthest from the sun that we know of. Recently reclassified as a "Dwarf-Planet".

2) The dog that is owned by that down-syndrome mouse, Micky.
1) Pluto sure is far away...

2) Micky Mouse's dog is Pluto.
by Sirius123 May 08, 2007
Verb. to be hijacked by a small minority to enact special interest commandments. Thus the planet itself wasn't plutoed -- it's still the same planet it was before 2006; but the International Astronomical Union (IAU) was plutoed by less than 5% of its members to pass a controversial special-interest definition of "planet", and it's been too politically sticky to yet take the organization back from the hijackers. The US and India are also frequently plutoed, according to their citizens.
Washington DC plutoes the country for a half billion dollars every spring with Daylight Savings Time (see news article "US lost almost half a billion dollars due to Daylight Saving Time").
by Sane Astronomer May 15, 2013

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