Recieving a blowjob, when taking a shit.
Sit on the toilet. Plop a tird. Get your dick sucked. You are the proud owner of a plumpkin. Now you are officially going to hell. lol
by Mike. D March 16, 2007
Occurs when a man is nailing a chick in the ass, and then after feeling something saucy on his pecker, looks down to find a pumpkin shaped pile of shit, bubbled over her asshole. His penis represents the stem.
Randy was nailing lisa in the ass, and to his dismay, she developed a gigantic plumpkin.
by cuntpunter69 February 17, 2008
When a girl takes a dump on your cock while you're analing here.
No example of plumpkin is needed because the picture created in your mind is enough information.
by JDatx512 July 23, 2008
To receive oral gratification while otherwise being entertained by a playstation of some measure!
"mate i was playing vice city today and got the best plumpkin ever!!!!"
by ed george November 14, 2007
Chubby girl, not fat, but not skinny at all.
Katie-she's totally got more mush to push.
by sarah January 01, 2005
a plump pumpkin
a fat pumpkin
by katie November 25, 2003
The act of having sexual intercourse with a fat guy during halloween (October).

Bonus points if said fat guy paints his stomach like a pumpkin.

Double Bonus points: If said sexual intercouse occurs during the viewing of "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown."
Jane: I had my first plumpkin last night...

Janet: Was he painted?
Jane: Oh yes like a Jack O'lantern!!!
by Donner131 October 10, 2014

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