While kneeling on the ground one person gives another head while the other drops a deuce and eats a moist pulled pork sandwich.
Dude, I totally gave Peyton Manning a plumpkin after the football game.
by Seahndi January 01, 2011
The delicately balanced art of getting your cock sucked by a fat girl while taking a dump.

ref: blumpkin

After finishing a fifth, I woke up on the toilet to Timmy's morbidly obese sister giving me a plumpkin.
by Calitri November 16, 2007
Plumpkin is a variation of the more well known term blumpkin. What differentiates a plumpkin from a blumpkin is that the woman performing the oral sex on the man who is taking a shit is morbidly obese, or plump as some would say.
That porker gave me some awesome plumpkin this morning.
by Demoneque August 07, 2006
Another name for a really fat pumpkin.
"HEY! Look at that plumpkin over there! It's huge!!!"
by DiiKaBaKa January 23, 2004
A word used to descride a fat girlfriend. Instead of calling her pumpkin you say plumpkin.
Jen: hey john!
John: hey plumpkin!
by penny_89 February 06, 2010
Similar to a blumpkin. To receive a blowjob whilst sitting on a pumpkin.
Nick: "my butt is all orange!"
by elZILLA June 01, 2009
A once in a lifetime festive cock sucking given while taking a dump, and done in commemoration of the pilgrims. The giver (male or female) is stimulated anally by repeatedly allowing the attached stem of a non-lubricated pumpkin to be slammed into their bottom by a third person cordially deemed 'Number 3.'
"Dude, is it true that Rhett received a plumpkin from that girl that wore a sports bra in the cafeteria while Kacey played number 3?"

"Yeah man, they got the pumpkin from Alan.
He said it hurt real bad. I think he just did it because he was so grateful for the pilgrims."
by Branislav Nušić November 20, 2008
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