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Making a girl eat a lot then shove your penis down her throat to make her vomit.
Yea I just gave her a plump turkey now I have to clean up my bed sheets.
by Tootie Frootie Tommy November 22, 2010
a fat girl that has a big gut and orangutan tits that hangs low.
hey melanie,.....why do you like a plump turkey?
by firecrotch671 July 27, 2010
On a warm thanksgiving night after your girlfriend has eaten enough deep throat her so that she throws up her thanksgiving dinner.
After thanksgiving dinner I went home with my girlfriend and gave her a plump turkey.
by Troxaska November 22, 2010
When you make a girl eat alot and shove your dick down her throat until she throws up.
"Dude, i just fed my girlfriend so much cake, then she deep throated me, and I held her down until she threw up; it was the best Plump Turkey, ever.
by Dracanic November 22, 2010