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not even a word.
its "PUMMEL" you idiot
I "pummeled" that bitch ass wigger for acting like a nigger.

NOT PLUMMEL.. wtf you talking about? a plum that is mel?
by Jon Ho December 11, 2007
To be excessively struck or attacked repeatedly to the point of absurdity.

An exaggerated form of the word Pummel extended by the inclusion of the "L" derived from the word Ludicrous.

"Pummel" which is defined as "to strike repeatedly" or "to criticize adversely". "Ludicrous" which is defined as an exaggerated state inducing humor.
"Hail began to strike the car at an increasingly alarming rate until we could do nothing but laugh at the onslaught. Our care was absolutely plummelled!"

"Last night's fight was an complete plummel. We couldn't help but laugh at the damage that ensued."
by WordGuyPhi August 19, 2011
To be overcome by a massive force.
I was plummeled by ten foot waves at the ocean.
by Dr. Dick September 26, 2004
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