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The best fuck ever, in a ravishing sense. Almost too much to handle but a perfect amount of perfection. Plumley. (adj.)
Fuck me plumley... -When and where baby?; I will bring some apple cider
by The Goddess of Seduction;D December 20, 2010
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One who delves in the act of being a complete spade or nigger. Also loves to use the word nigger despite being white and being in the presence of actual niggers. Often found at Moe's when he is not at work. A plumley can also be someone who gets crunk and wants to steal niggers in the jaw. When encountering a plumley, remember that it doesn't matter what race or ethnicity you are, to him you are a nigger. A plumley uses the word nigger no matter what sentence he says, it can be derogatory or a compliment. In most recorded instances it has been an insult.
The "Plumley": Nigger, I try and told your nigger ass that my top is sproutin' like a nigger.

Alleged nigger: Bitch, call me a nigger one more time and ill fuck your world up.

The "Plumley": NIGGER

The plumley eventualy gets his world fucked up.
by Mopnglo September 10, 2008
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