A stacked hoe who's been around the hood.
That bitch got a rack like a plumlee.
by Hogue January 18, 2007
(adj) Generally one who's sexuality is severely misunderstood. All friends of a Plumlee think that they are a pretty flitty person, when they may not be, at all. They also have strange taste in undergarments; usually a male Plumlee will shop for thongs/Speedos, while a female Plumlee will gravitate towards the boxer briefs. They are also fairly promiscuous people, and are a huge piece of ass. Plumlees are of a classy and erudite nature, and prefer to spend their free time furthering themselves in academia, when they aren't enjoying a fine love-making session or having a cigar with a White Russian. All Plumlees are terribly sarcastic people. Overall, a Plumlee is a misunderstood, but nonetheless fantastic person.

Girl 1: "Oh, God! Matt was SO good last night! He must have lasted thirty minutes!"

Girl 2: "Oh, yeah. He's a total Plumlee."

Girl 1: "Yeah... I was getting this weird gay vibe from him... But then we got in the bed!"

Girl 2: "No question. He's a Plumlee."
by sexymofo9185 April 29, 2011

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