A drummer or 'percussionist' who is not very good.

The first stage on the way to becoming a percussionist.
He's such a plumber, he can't even hardly keep a straight beat.
by The Vince December 01, 2003
someone who connects pipes between his bum and his mouth
yesterday i caught the plumber choking on his own shit
by greg pooganus April 12, 2003
A gentleman in the business of installing sinks, tubs, and commodes, who wears trousers two sizes too large so the upper portions of his keister are continually on display.
Jake the plumber spent the morning under our kitchen sink, entertaining Madge with a half moon.
by Bumkicker Slade April 24, 2005
A guy usually called 'Tony', who drives around in a very rusty van, and fits toilets and central heating.
Wife to husband: "Bloody hell. That Tony shure drinks a lot of tea!"

Husband to wife: "Yeah, but he's allowed to, cause the bog wont fit itself!"
by Big Tony December 05, 2003
some one who puts more than one plum up his or her ass.
by kieron conniff September 01, 2003
A woman who enjoys cleaning the pipes, an oral sex aficionado.
I had a date with a real plumber last night.
by sgwm April 09, 2005
Sex worker in a whorehouse who will perform acts of oral-anal sex the others cannot stand to , due to their relative delicacy.
Hilary wouldn't ream me out, but called in The Plumber who reamed me out good and rooted about like a truffle hound.
by NWA10000 January 14, 2015
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