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a bummy hockey player who makes frequent mistakes such as falling, turning over the puck, missing checks, fanning on shots, making dumb ass plays, costing his team a win.
Brent Sopel is a fucking plumber! See also chug as reference to Brent Sopel
by epmd July 25, 2003
someone who connects pipes between his bum and his mouth
yesterday i caught the plumber choking on his own shit
by greg pooganus April 12, 2003
A guy usually called 'Tony', who drives around in a very rusty van, and fits toilets and central heating.
Wife to husband: "Bloody hell. That Tony shure drinks a lot of tea!"

Husband to wife: "Yeah, but he's allowed to, cause the bog wont fit itself!"
by Big Tony December 05, 2003
some one who puts more than one plum up his or her ass.
by kieron conniff September 01, 2003
A woman who enjoys cleaning the pipes, an oral sex aficionado.
I had a date with a real plumber last night.
by sgwm April 09, 2005
The least respected trade. An overweight lazy person who is responsible for delivering our shit to the sewer. Often overpaid to give excuses why he or she can't finish the job. Always finds an excuse to leave the job early. When the job is finally finished gives even more excuses why it looks like a 5 completed the work
I'm a plumber because I don't like to work hard. I'm also to stupid to make it in any other trade
by hiyall September 13, 2014