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a discrete word for "thats what she said"

used when girls are present
mixed company setting...sitting at a restaurant

guy says
-dude this is so freaking good.

-Plums(thats what she said)

by hippieslacker January 06, 2009
A person who believes that they are truely a football Hooligan , they dress is Stone Island , Burberry , LaCoste , Paul and Shark , Aquascutum , Henri Lloyd attire and go looking for trouble after the match.

On the slightest sign of trouble they shat their pants and run
Pat Kelner is a plum
by Joe Ninety December 20, 2003
A most peculiar product of the English language; the word 'plum' can be used either on its own or as a prefix.

'Plum' first appeared in the North Coast of Australia, and soon swept the nation as young teens everywhere caught on to the word-craze.

The word has become so popular, youtube videos are springing up in its honour, and already crazed fan-girls have started myspace profiles in recognition of this trend. Or, as members of the plum alliance (the latest fan-girl creation) would say, this plum awesome trend!

Examples include, but are not limited to:

#1- I'm plumed!
#2- This movie is rated PG, for plum great!
#3- Wow! Talk about a plum-time/space continuum rip!
by Guildensternish April 09, 2009
a male's virginity, like a woman has a cherry
last night i got my plum picked!
by steven ritchey September 26, 2003
1. A word like sweetie or honny, used towards someone you really care about.
2. A word to call or add to someone you know and like.
1. See you soon plum
2. Thanks for that pum
by beetlebum January 28, 2007
The act of taking someone from behind roughly so that their ass makes a "pop" noise like when you take a plum out of your mouth and it makes that noise!
Im going to plum you like a keg doctor phil!
by sammy April 28, 2003
Noun. The act of sticking one's thumb into a female's anal cavity during foreplay(often at the same time as fingering). Then take the submerged member and proceed to lick it clean. Once you have depooped your thumb, you must say to the girl one of the following quotes:
"You have just been plummed"
"I fixed your toilet"
"Bitch im a plummer"
Or "that tasted like shit"
Dude, that girl is so nasty that she let me plum her.
by KSmizzle December 04, 2007