the look or a woman's butt when her pants slip down to reveal the butt crack whether standing, sitting or squatting.
Girl you shownin off your plum, you need better jeans.
by Benzilla "Da Int'l Thrilla" April 06, 2011
The sound of balls hitting the ass during butt sex
My plums are so loud my neighbors thought it was a construction site
by Russian-Player May 02, 2009
A short little fat kid who usually sucks at life. He also makes fun of other fat people to make himself feel good. Also he has no life and does random activities.
You are such a Plum, you are 4ft 11 and weigh 150 lbs, And all you do is play poker and fantasy football and you are bad at both.
by JAZZYFIZZLE August 14, 2005
A title given to one of the female gender, and often used in favor- of. Synonymous to; shorty, lady, friend, girl, gal, woman, mate, partner, et al, in reference to a woman or girl.
"That's my plum, man, regardless of the faults she has".
by Luciano P. November 30, 2003
To insert one or more testicles into another mans anus.
Plumette is to insert one or more testicles into a woman's anus.
"Don't come in we're pluming!"

"Get over here baby I'm gonna plumette the shit out of you"
by Hollywoodkilla January 16, 2013
A person who believes that they are truely a football Hooligan , they dress is Stone Island , Burberry , LaCoste , Paul and Shark , Aquascutum , Henri Lloyd attire and go looking for trouble after the match.

On the slightest sign of trouble they shat their pants and run
Pat Kelner is a plum
by Joe Ninety December 20, 2003
synonymous with "just"
As in: *Just Prior To*
nigga damn. I plum gots off work, and your ALREADY...
by Anhedoniac June 09, 2003

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