A swollen vagina. Usually induced by sufficient pounding by an abnormally large penis. May also come about by trying to masturbate with large objects such as a bat or an elephant trunk.
Person 1: Why is Sally limping?

Person 2: I gave her a plum last night.

Person 1: ooh ouch....

Person 2 I know right....it was nasty
by T33P33 August 19, 2011
the testicles
Make sure you don't hit the plums of your opponent in the ring.
by The Return of Light Joker January 28, 2010
A comedy word for the testicles. Poularised on the BBC tv program Top Gear, mainly by presenter Jeremy Clarkson.
Suitable for use in situations where 'bollocks' might offend.
E.G when talking to Aunt Mildred or the vicar.
Person 1: "You should've seen Dave the other night...kept groping up this bird in the club. Anyway, she got so fed up, she kicked him in the plums."
Vicar: WTF???
by D7 September 05, 2012
Male version of a plim (plims were first born). A plum is a boi who is pretty much awesome and participates in the shenanigans cause by plims. May be considers a care taker but it truly adored by his plims. Plums are crazy and fun, always smiling. Plums enjoy the company of other awesome people. If you catch a plum please return it to the nearest Plim .
Plum , wanna go out and ruin shit?

That plum is a troublemaker
by Plim1 December 02, 2013
It's actually a very rare kind of keyboard no longer being manufactured.
Unlike most keyboards, the PLUM keyboard organizes keys in a square grid, as opposed to the staggered rows of a typewriter.
It also goes up to the F15 key.

Where t is tab and b is backspace.
by TheBrony27 May 20, 2013
Plum is the name given to a cute girl with a great laugh who likes to talk about lots of awesome things and is easily confused by loud noises
That girl, she is such a plum
by the_terminator February 21, 2011
Plum is an overflowing repository of superlatives and exaggerations with an oustanding magnitutude of annoyingness.
Plum's parents are reupted to own absolutely, just loads and loads of just simply amazing and really expensive antiques, probably more than anyone else in the world.
by tom_snurge August 10, 2006

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