Words used by stupid bitches who have no life and sit on the computer 24/7.. Instead of saying please, these highly lame individuals come up with new words and slang to try and full fill the empty void of what most call a real life, by making up stupid words.
jaline would you plox log off your computer and find a real life.
#please #plox #gamer #internet #slang #net
by saltygrl January 27, 2011
a word used by gaming fags to say plz except its longer and makes you look like an idiot when you say it.
-hey can i have that plox
-why would you even say that in public? you sound like an idiot.
#plox #plz #please #plx #ploxers
by mitoz August 31, 2008
a sandwich. originated it India.
it has ground up chicken that tastes like beef since Indians don't eat beef.
Can I order a Plox please?

#plox #nigga #food #india #chicken
by ELOHELZEE_xx July 21, 2008
it means please. end of story. go be a gamer and learn.
womg gimmie steelies plox
by BlindKatana August 29, 2005
Stands for please and thanks,used by many noob wanabees.
phr33 st00f plox
translation: free stuff please and thanks
#p10x #p1ox #ploz #plz #thx
by MuDDboy March 12, 2006
I invented this word throughout my playing of the old game Aspereta. Being an MMORPG, people would type smaller versions of words, instead of the full thing. Here's how it went about:
-Instead of please, people said 'plz'
-Instead of plz, I purposely mispelled it as 'plx'
-plx, when spoken out loud sounded like 'plix' to me, so I started to say 'plix'
-I mispelled 'plix' as 'plox', then just kept doing it on purpose
buffs plox
gib sum itans plox?
#please #plz #pliz #plx #plix
by oozabooman October 07, 2006
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