1. To actually be farming land; digging into new dirt

2. Exploring new ideas; digging into new dirt

3. Fucking a girl for the first time; digging into new dirt

origin: Utah, circa 1869

originator: Joseph Smith; planting seeds, while creating a new religion, while sowing his seed with his 4 wives
1. "we're plowing new ground today, we've run out of space in the garden"

2. "with the new PenisPLUS Erection Extender, you will please her more than you could imagin!"

3. "i'm plowing new ground with jenny tonight. i might use that new Penis thing.."
by jesse March 29, 2004
the event or action of taking one's virginity.cherry
"Damn, that boy don't know he's plowing new ground with that high school girly?"
by rpatel36 April 07, 2004
slipping your dick into a pussy that it hasn't been into before. The dick is the plowshare and the pussy is the furrow.
"Jake was plowing new ground when he went home with Leah last night."
by Jake April 01, 2004
Opening up new pastures when the old one has gone all dry and barren. Usually refers to recently separated males with no front teeth.
When ma ol lady left me I just took hold of ma old fella and ploughed me some new ground with old Betsy Ross next door.
by Gazman April 01, 2004

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