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To de-flower a virgin. To attempt anal sex with a new partner.
I am very tired, I spent all night plowing new ground.
by Phil This March 29, 2004
to have sex with a virgin. It's a comparison of a virgin to soil which has never been plowed before.
John plowed new ground on his wedding night.
by fizzle April 01, 2004
to break in or take away the virginity of someone (male or female), euphamism from the common farmyard or agricultural term
someone spiked the drinks at the freshman prom last nite, i was plowing new ground like an ox and cart

my girls gettin lose, i need to plough some new ground
by rek-loose April 08, 2004
1. When the prostitutes in town get so overloaded with STDs that it becomes visible via fungus growth, and you are forced to migrate to another part of the city to find ones with a health rating of at least 23%.

2. When a straight person turns gay, or vice versa.
1. I'm gonna start plowing new ground around 4th street tonight man. Last night one of the regulars on 3rd blew up a car with her yeast infection.

2. Fred's hanging around the women's section in Kmart for a different reason since he's turned straight. He's plowing new ground now.
by WhoaTimesTwo March 29, 2004
A term used when a person has moved on and is no longer with someone. Usually refers to a male when he is done with his woman.

This term may also be used to cover up the fact that a man got dumped and is trying to make it seem like he doesn't care, when he is really crying inside because his girl finally left his sorry butt. The fact is, he actually can't find a girl who will put up with him like his ex did and is therefore lonely and secluded.
"Yo man what's good with you and Lana?"

"Damn haven't u heard, i'm plowing new ground now."
by Mrs. Shad Greggory Moss April 09, 2004
Usually said by males, Having sex with a group of girls one is new with or has not encountered yet but is going to in the not so distant future.
G1: Dude you going up to Chico this weekend?
G2: Yah ....You can bet on my plowing new ground!
G1: I wish you werent such a liar.
by Dan Lee April 04, 2004
any new sexual encounter.
hey look at that chick over there, if i hook up wit her i'll be plowing new ground tonight.
by TRICK 22 March 30, 2004
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