What little ken's friends get after a race - The act of taking ones erectified and emancipated organ and powerfully driving it into ones bum-hole. A common misconception connects love and being plow'ed, however, there is no love involved in the violence of being plow'ed, only animal intestinal fortitude.
(not so) little Ken plow'ed shamus right in his eager bum during the "frieght train" ritual. Shamus wept as he was plow'ed and hence his masculinity and honor were extinguished.
by Matt Birdin October 29, 2006
Term used to describe current state of mind and body.
After funneling about 12beers i was plowed.

I was plowed after takin that last shot of liquor.
by Eckstahsee December 18, 2003
When you're just standing there and someone sticks his penis in your butt.
I was just brushing my teeth and my boyfriend totally plowed me. It was awesome. And surprising.
by Cuddly Cumtwat February 09, 2010
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