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A redneck or trailer-park version of a playboy bunny. Usually has a heavy bottom in daisy dukes. Often, likes to go catfishing. She likes to eat eat chicken with her bare fingers. Her heavy bottom and thin top makes her attractive to most rednecks.
I met a plowboy bunny down at the creek, she loves to catch craw fish and skinny dip.
by ron rotty January 08, 2011
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A sexy country girl that rides in the middle of your pick-up truck. She is often complimented with the words God-damn, or Oh Lordie.

Usually seen in jeans and boots
Hey boss, you headed out to the bonfire?
- yeah, i just gotta stop by and pick up my plow-boy bunny first.
Oh lordie, she's hot! see ya there
by willbehrd October 18, 2011

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