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A mixture of luminous orange and bright purple.
a plorange jacket/skirt/dress
'i do like plorange on you, it brings out your eyes'
by Beccyyyy January 24, 2006
not a real word.... nice try tho
someone is trying to rhyme by saiying plorange rhymes with orange
by husband of the muffan woman April 07, 2005
Noun- A poo that is the size of an orange, and usually makes a plopping sound.
"I just did the biggest plorange, and it made the loudest plop!"
by SynthicElk September 01, 2011
An item of clothing, funiture, or technology, with a colouring in between that of orange and purple
Check it out bro my jumper is PLORANGE!
by luke & becky January 25, 2006
The mixture of purple and orange Gatorade one drinks after a long, 3 hours of band camp practice.
"Man, I'm exhausted. I could use some plorange now!"
by Aminrup May 21, 2013
adj. a retarted orange
comes from latin- ploringia
i dont want to eat that digusting plorange!
by bunnyman April 08, 2005
n. The sound that mustard or other similar substance makes when you drop it and it splats. Origin: Greek
Man, I dropped a bunch of mustard while making a hot dog today, and it made the loudest plorange.
by Cory the Tall June 22, 2004
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