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A popsicle containing or wholly consisting of Anal excrement.
"Wow Jimmy this plopsicle is great! how did you know I loved corn?"
by Josh Weed February 16, 2005
A fat, sweaty and hairy individual of any ethnicity that just sits and eats thus getting fatter and fatter. Over time the condition of the plopsicle gets more noticable and is more rare to be spotted as they start leaving the couch and the house less and less. Has all of the grosest phisical features imaginable.
"In a line at the grocery store"
Plopsicle: Move out of my way i got places to be
Man: Don't tell me what to do ya fukin plopsicle! And i know you don't have places to be.
Plopsicle: "starts to cry and run away but trips and cries some more"
by Lilblacboy May 18, 2015
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