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a plop is when someone is taking a poo. and when the poo hits the water in the toilet the poo makes a plop like sound.
i was just in the toilet and flora did such a huge plop!
by matt godden September 30, 2007
27 23
A person who is plop-like.
Brooke White is such a Plop.
by MissBelle123456789 October 30, 2011
15 12
Plop- Is to lay or sit very comfortably for an excessive period of time.
I came home from work today and right away just plopped on my bed.
by Jameseven December 06, 2013
0 0
-Verb : plopping, plopped

The result of attempting to make it rain with fresh $1 bills. The newly printed currency has a tendency to stick together, causing it to "plop" upon release.

1. "Making it plop", in place of "making it rain"
"Daniel made it plop at the club last night", said Ozzie, "must've dropped at least $20 on that girl."
by Don Fatness May 23, 2010
2 3
any articles of clothing or electronics or consumer goods that are for sale at half price because they were obtained by shoplifting.
i got hella plop for sale, why you wanna pass it up?
by jdiesel72 December 26, 2011
2 4
1. (v) To vomit as a result of smoking a particularly strong or robust cigar on a stomach full of fast food.
2. (n) The resulting pile of said vomit.
1. Hardee's was a bad made Hicks plop.
2. Dude, remember last night? That...plop is still there!
by Michael Hicks September 24, 2006
10 12
Turd, shit, feces.
KickFag took a plop in the ball pit at Chuck E. Cheeses again.
by Mario Rogic January 15, 2003
32 34