Used in online games in event of a headshot (someone being shot in the head). Saying 'plop' is an attempt to describe the headshot sound in a text message.
">NVes" attacked "Cookie" with akimbob (damage "91.000")
">NVes" attacked "Cookie" with akimbob (damage "91.000")
">NVes" killed "Cookie" with akimbob
">NVes" say "plop"
by Ves September 05, 2004
A person who is plop-like.
Brooke White is such a Plop.
by MissBelle123456789 October 30, 2011
Noisy poops that come out in multiple pieces. They can come out one at a time or several at once, be any size, and on either end of the diarrhea/constipation spectrum.
I had the mad plops at school three times today. Once after my morning coffee and mints as usual, once after lunch, and once during my last class of the day, which was the most painful, and my asshole still hurts. I have no idea what I ate that caused this, but at least the boys' toilets got a good feast today.
by MuricanBoyyy October 18, 2015
A word to describe something lame and awesome. Rather than a middle ground between the two, plop is a word used to describe something that incorporates the two conflicting terms. It is only used in the most unique circumstances.
"Did you watch the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic?? That show is so plop!!"
by STOP TAKING MY PSEUDONYM September 06, 2011
Turd, shit, feces.
KickFag took a plop in the ball pit at Chuck E. Cheeses again.
by Mario Rogic January 15, 2003
-Verb : plopping, plopped

The result of attempting to make it rain with fresh $1 bills. The newly printed currency has a tendency to stick together, causing it to "plop" upon release.

1. "Making it plop", in place of "making it rain"
"Daniel made it plop at the club last night", said Ozzie, "must've dropped at least $20 on that girl."
by Don Fatness May 23, 2010
any articles of clothing or electronics or consumer goods that are for sale at half price because they were obtained by shoplifting.
i got hella plop for sale, why you wanna pass it up?
by jdiesel72 December 26, 2011
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