Mash patatoes in the shape of breasts.

Can also be used when referring to a girls breast or butt.
Those are some nice plops you got there I might grab some.
by Victor Braga November 10, 2006
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The sound one makes when one drops a ploppy-poo into a body of water.
Heave... heave... PLOP! Ahhh...
by Bastardized Bottomburp March 18, 2003
A type of rectal excretion that leaves the body with great force, excessive gaseousness, and copious amounts of fecal liquids.
That hot sauce really messed me up! First thing the next morning, I hit the toilet with a harsh case of the plops.
by terminal 2 February 04, 2008
A random word used to fill awkward conversation silence.
- (silence)
- "plop"
- ::giggle:: "what??"
by Jay Morris December 11, 2004
Poop, crap, take a dump, ect.
I'm going to go take a good long plop.
by Frogbutt November 30, 2004
a plop is when someone is taking a poo. and when the poo hits the water in the toilet the poo makes a plop like sound.
i was just in the toilet and flora did such a huge plop!
by matt godden September 30, 2007
Plop- Is to lay or sit very comfortably for an excessive period of time.
I came home from work today and right away just plopped on my bed.
by Jameseven December 06, 2013
Used in online games in event of a headshot (someone being shot in the head). Saying 'plop' is an attempt to describe the headshot sound in a text message.
">NVes" attacked "Cookie" with akimbob (damage "91.000")
">NVes" attacked "Cookie" with akimbob (damage "91.000")
">NVes" killed "Cookie" with akimbob
">NVes" say "plop"
by Ves September 05, 2004

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