the excess fat piled above the crotch region
" EW! look at plums ploof!" ( see plum )
" its almost as big as Mrs. Engle's!"
by YOUNG CHRIS GEEZY December 13, 2005
A girl who has made out with more than 30 male and/or female people.
That girl is such a ploof. Ploofing Whore. Ploofed herself.
by Haterz March 26, 2007
plu-ff: A term usually used between "action stars" (*example*).

Often used by anime fangirls to describe the action of whacking someone with a plusshy pillow.
ZetaGundam: Say...i never noticed how short your legs are...
BambooPanda: ...
BambooPanda: *Ploofs Zeta*
by Zeta Gundam March 11, 2005
ploof is jizz, jizz is ploof
when i busted in her mouth, a fuck load of ploof came out
by the whackenator September 23, 2004
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