the excess fat piled above the crotch region
" EW! look at plums ploof!" ( see plum )
" its almost as big as Mrs. Engle's!"
by YOUNG CHRIS GEEZY December 13, 2005
Top Definition
When a man gets so excited during sex that he cums out of his ass.
That girl was so hot i ploofed all over the place.
by gootucker September 17, 2007
Ploof \plʊf\

1. To plop and poof at the same time. 2. The sound marshmallows make. 3. Nonsense. 4. The act of ploofing. 5. An alternative to POOF

Ploofs, ploofed, ploofing, ploofery.
That is utter ploof.
by Red~ August 02, 2011
referring to someone as the dumbest person he/she has ever met
Omg, you are such a ploof.
George B. is such a ploof.
by FlonShnobe April 02, 2011
the anal version of a queef. not just a fart but air and jiz combining to make a ploof noise when a cock is pulled out of ones ass
darren got embarrassed when he ploof'd after john pulled his dick outta his ass
by sid pain October 19, 2008
The best CS player in existence. Possibly the biggest badass imaginable. Is known to pwn nubs, noobs, n00bs, noobies, nublets, nubcakes, nubsauces, naabs, noobsticks, neebs, nuubs, newbs, newbies, nuubs in tuubs, noobasauruses, noobwads, noob bags, nub-nubs, nibs, newbits, knobs, nubheds, nubliches, wubs, noobaloids, nubholes and other forms of the word noob.

Synonyms: Great, amazing, God.
Antonyms: HAXOR
LI3K lolz Ploof PWNED MEH.
by lkafd February 05, 2007
when you fart and queef at the same time while receiving the shocka.
Lets go ploofing tonight girls.
I ploofed while hitting your kufi.
by new crew January 15, 2007
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