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Noun A personal doob (marijuana joint). Often times contains a splash of tobacco.
After work today I'm going to smoke the fattest ploob.
by treesandbeers February 23, 2015
A combination of the popular words pleb and noob, someone who fits the description of both.
"I hung out with Dave the other day. He is a ploob at the most basic of things."
by Vezmer February 02, 2015
An obese person's arm. Can be used affectionately or derisively.
That 500-lb. lady hat the most spherical ploobs I've seen on any overweight person. All that fat up there is going to kill that lady's spine for sure!
by pentozali November 23, 2005
A ploob is a power leveled noob. They tend to have high level characters and do not know how to play them.
For example, a high level character who has done nothing but power level to get there would be considered a ploob.
by Johnhead August 15, 2007
An affectionate term used towards a significant other.
"You are my lil' ploob, you know that?"...
by Loving Ploob vc February 01, 2007
A substance created by a mixture of human faeces and sexual lubricant.
"I need a bottle of ploob, young Jonny loves it!"

"Will you please ploob up the dildo before sticking in my ass?"
by Milney. July 10, 2008
Ploob originates in MI. Its definition is that of Faye. Ploob occurs when two people hate each other so much that they fall in love. Also a dish at gourmet restaurants. Its most common form is as a side dish.
"May I have a side of Ploob with that?"
"I will ploob with you."
by Kelly Travolta February 26, 2005
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