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able to wear and/or do. short for pull off.
pshhh, that boy totally cant ploff those girls jeans.

as opposed to, pshhh, that boy cannot pull off those girls jeans.
by emmita123 June 09, 2007
To ploff. To fall asleep immediately when you are exhausted.
I wanted to see the movie but I ploffed as soon as it started.
by Two ploffers February 12, 2015
short for pull that off.
Instead of saying she cant pull that off, you would say: Pshhh she totally cant ploff that,
by emmita321 February 24, 2007
someone who acts so stupid it makes the person who is with them feel so cripilingly disabled they can barely walk because of the sheer velocity of the action caused by someone being very dumb . when calling someone a ploff it is usualy very reserved and not used willy nilly . its intended to be used at the exact moment of inpact of the person being stupid followed by some retarded noises and a bent walk with a bent left arm and wrist and a screwed up face followed by some more retarded orgasems.
ya complete ploff , you stupid ploff , you fucking ploff , nnnmmmmnnnn u fucking ploff (and make like you cant walk because the stupidity of the person is so mutch it makes you cripled temporaliry).
by kieron Jenkins February 03, 2007
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