(v.) hitting any type of bird or fish a wiener. can also be used to insult someone who has sex with sluts.

"the student trip to the bird-sanctuary was a complete disaster... i've never seen so much plockage in my life."
by vicious April 19, 2004
Top Definition
To smack a chicken with your wang. A custom found in many Asian nations.
Wing Chan just plocked another one!
by Grant October 01, 2003
An act which involves one individual dropping his balls into the ass-hole of another during coitus.
"Hey Pete, you wouldn't believe the freak that I met last night...she was even game for some plocking!"

"Your telling me that you have never plocked?!? Dude YOLO"

"Oh shut up, don't be a stupid plocker"
by BigWangDavey July 15, 2012
This is the phonetic pronunciation of the 13375p33k (leetspeak) word pl0x, meaning 'please'. Alternate pronunciations are ploox, plowx and puh-lowx. Normally, plocks is used to add emphasis to a question that may or may not be serious, or as a last ditch attempt to get the desired response.
John: Dude, can I have some of your chicken?
James: No way, broham.
John: Oh my god, PLOCKS?! I'm so hungry!

Joe: Hey buddy, can I have bromission to hook up with your sister, plocks?
John: Haha..ha..ha. No.
Joe: Ooo heh, alrighty.
by srqresistance August 12, 2010
Plock is a term frequently used to reference a woman's private area. Specifically, this is used when referencing a woman who may have a particularly unattractive area.
That skank is over there throwing her plock all over that guy on the dance floor.
by amdubz August 12, 2009
prank-block, when someone denies another person the chance to pull a prank on someone
person 1: hey buddy that chick is checking you out
person 2: where?!
person 3: he's kidding there is no chick
person 4: mate why'd you plock me?
by prankster24 September 27, 2008
short for powerlock, the denial of entry (DOE) to to a vehicle by failiure of the synchronization of multiple party unlocking procedure.
- Can you unlock the door?
- Yeah sure!

(both do it almost at the same time)
- Hey. Can you unlock the door for me?
- I just did it!
- It's not working, you plocked me!!!!111
by tilanustraat77eeettt June 22, 2011
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