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(1) A Brazilian nickname normally used for people who liked in the childhood to watch a cartoon where the protagonist was a little warrior pink pig. The name of this cartoon is not known nowadays, since it was broadcasted during the 1990's and stopped on later 1995.

(2) An American surname.

(3) In England it is often referred to be a joke or a trick.
(1) That little Plisk will do a mess!

(2) John Plisk Doe is looking for a new job opportunity.

(3) Hey ya! Don't be foolish... go plisk 'em!
by Roger Rodrigues January 22, 2008
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To play something off. Or said in the act of catching someone in a play-off.
When Bob asked Clarence for a cigarette, Clarence said he was all out. Bob yelled "PLISK" in his face because he knew Clarence had a full pack.
by GenerationOne December 18, 2008
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