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The best game on the price is right!
Larry won $11,500 on plinko yesterday!
by rapsux February 15, 2005
52 12
America's number one pricing game on The Price is Right. Involves dropping a round chip down the side of a board with pegs, much like Pachinko.
Let's play America's favorite pricing game, Plinko!
by Justin Whirledge December 09, 2003
103 31
To back into a parked car
Shane plinko'd that Camaro like a dumbass.
by CATFASP January 27, 2011
14 7
Long shorts or short trousers worn mostly by men with legs like golf clubs ar fat women-suited only to beachwear, but worn anywhere-even in pouring rain. Named after the game of the same name on The Price is Right when hosted by Joe Pasquale, with a chap dressed as a cod china man.
Look at the state of that skinny eejit, imagine wearing plinkos to a supermarket!
by Gomble August 14, 2009
4 1
any event in a shooting game (usually an FPS) where grenades are thrown. reffering to the *plink plink* sound the grenades make upon contact with solid objects.
player1: damn, he's holed up in the base with an MG!
player2: hahaha come in and get me!!
player1: *throws in a grenade* aaaaand we're playin' Plinko!!
player2: awww shit..
by Sgt. Token June 03, 2007
4 9
1. CommonA pricing game featured on the game show The Price Is Right

2. Right Cold Hard Cash, often acquired in an unsavory manner.

1. To hustle, to slink
I sell my body for plinko.

I slinked some straight plinko at the pool hall.

I plinkoed at the pool hall.
by TRON McKNIGHT November 08, 2007
1 12