(Pronouced: Pl-ink)
Use instead of pink. Second name for pink.
Gemma: So Jayne whats you favorite color?
Jayne: Um plink
Gemma: What?
Jayne: Er, it means pink. Didnt you know that?
To mess up or flub, specifically during a musical performance. Refers to the sounds made for missed notes in the game "Guitar Hero."
"Johnny totally plinked the chorus of 'Sweet Child o' Mine!"
"Dude, he totally botched that trick...PLINK!!!!"

by -dB November 30, 2007
The sound a penny makes when falling to the ground after you throw it away only to find out you need it when you buy your Big Mac because they raised the fucking price!
FUCK! I needed that dam penny!
by John January 15, 2004

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