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A free online dating agency which should be avoided at all costs. Full of dirty old men and no-hoper teenagers with filthy underpants desperately seeking attractive young women. And as for the photographs - when the hell did you last see a woman who looked like that and needed to use a free dating agency? Someone I know of examined a photo closely and was sure he could see the staple puncture holes where it had been cut out of a glossy magazine.

More like Plenty of Fishy Fannies.
Beware. The gorgeous blonde on Plenty Of Fish you're exchanging suggestive e-mails with is probably really a morbidly obese middle-aged man who likes nice young boys.
by Deadborder January 26, 2012
An online dating site. Pretty decent for meeting new people. Also known as POF.
I met my boyfriend on Plentyoffish.
by LilDoor April 09, 2008
A space time continuum where fat and sad girls alike congregate to find mates, sex, and targets for mental abuse and extreme friends zoning is also a spot where deceiving girls take side profile pictures in a filthy mirror to throw you off and fool yous into thinking that grease spot in the mirror is extra tit do not make this mistake
Hey dude I been using plenty of fish!
Dude bro, John. Its plenty of whales. Every girl I met had "trust issues"
by tommybatts February 18, 2015
Also known by the acronym POF, Plenty of Fish is a online dating service that is free of charge and should also be avoided like the plague. To those poor single people who end up creating such said online profile by the peer pressures of living in a couple's society , they may start to think there really is an entire sea on their lap to explore, with bountiful opportunities to meet many fine men and women. But the grim reality is that instead of finding friendships and the true love of his/her life, here you are bound to find Plenty of:

Land Whales
Defiant Single Moms
Gold Diggers
Scam Artists
Wanna-be Country Folk
Sluts (with sky high standards)
Mirror Selfies
Drug Addicts
Man Haters
Mind Players
ETC, ETC.....

So unless you want to go down shit creek without a paddle, DO NOT give into your couple friend's suggestions to join Plenty of Fish. Not only will it save you of your sanity, but it may also save your life as well.
Guy Friend: "So have you been seeing anybody recently?"
You: "Um, no. Not really."
Guy's Girlfriend: "We're a little concerned for you, being alone all the time. You are such a great catch, you could join Plenty of Fishto find yourself a lucky lady :)"
You: "Seriously?!? "
Guy Friend : "Why not?"
You: "Thanks, but no thanks. Asides from all the catfish and predators, that website is full of amphibians and the last thing anybody wants to date is a toad with polliwogs!!!"
by Keepin' It Reel November 19, 2015

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