when a guy gets pleasure from inserting the tip of hos pelvic region into a girls vagina
"I got some pleasure last night!"
by Nick Lefrancois May 16, 2007
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1. to enjoy oneself
a. by influence of others
b. by self-stimulation
2. word used often in Bruce Almighty
a. She filled me with pleasure.
b. My "one-armed-workout gave me extreme pleasure
2. Pleasurable, pleasurable, pleasurable, pleasurable, pleasurable, pleasurable, pleasurable, pleasurable, pleasurable, pleasurable.
by Sherlock of the Creek July 11, 2003
I get pleasure from having sex.
by kwang June 05, 2003
pleasure can occour in these ways
1. masturbation or and other self stimulation of one's gentialia
2. by someone else like sex or an oral

pleasure is the resulting feeling of masturbation or sex by the stimulation of one's parts
1. i get pleasure from masturbating
2. my wife and i had sex last night it was really plasurable
by Cody B June 25, 2004
One of the very few raw emotions. Different to happiness, as happiness is a mixture of emotions, pleasure included.

Pleasure is a raw feeling inside every mammal (and possibly every other animal) in which the animal enjoys the situation.
Pleasure can be found in/by:

Being around friends
Sexual activity
Recreational activities
A dog eating a bone
A dolphin doing tricks for rewards

by Oscar the Shark Slayer August 11, 2009
The opposite of the word pain. You can feel pleasure when u are masterbating and when u are having a blasted time with the opposite gender.
harder harder
by Ray July 07, 2003
masturbating or having sex!
oh yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by oversexed April 27, 2004

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