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A nice way of saying that something is fine provided the lack of options. But if the choice was given, it would not have been the top of the list.
It was a pleasant lunch. (I didnt have anyone else to lunch with).
What a pleasant surprise. (I wish I took another route).
by 3aneeda July 15, 2006
A weird hybrid between a gay werewolf and a metrosexual caveman, that is also known as a sweaterback. Scientific name lupin stupidicist. Often spotted at comic book stores or magic tournaments, species has been known to become violent when interrupted during games of WORLD OF WARCRAFT. Favorite foods include pork rinds and hotpocket.
Dude that pleasant only has 1 tooth and uses the toothpaste defense all the time
by Dr. knockboots August 02, 2012
Bitchy in an entertaining way.
Random guy- Hey man! how's your girlfriend?

Other guy- Well... she's pleasant I suppose.
by Awesomeness7 June 15, 2013
Usually the poor ugly people who never amounted to anything.
"Did you see that girl Jessica?"
"She's going to grow into a pleasant."
by Amber the bitch August 24, 2008
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