Will take the lead at first, with Nintendo in second place, especially in Japan. Then People will realize its most of the same games with better graphics, then go to the Revolution because of creativity.
Its not that great...Playstation 3 is too similar to PS2
by Hmnmnmn March 12, 2006
A crappy crapped up crapfest of a console that thinks it can cost £600 because it has slightly above average graphics. If you want something to look real, look outside, do not say "GTA will become good now because I have a 1234329 graphics card" or whatever. It will always be rubbish. Sony will always be rubbish and the only people that buy its console will be buying it because "Nintendo is for children" and they want to look hard. Anyone that buys a ps3 has severe health issues.
"I just bought a playstation3 im really happy, now I can play games with no objective, just mindless violence"
"Go see a Doctor, or you will die of crap poisoning"
by Ike64 August 15, 2007
The gayest piece of shit system ever, I WILL NOT BUY THIS WHEN IT COMES OUT!! xbox360 will totally OWN this in every way, plus the ps3 looks really fucked up specially the controllers which when women are gaming will prolly have some fun with...
FUCK you PS3 . . . <><><><>
by Jonny Poobody July 11, 2005
Probably one of the crappiest, shittiest, shits i have ever heard of and seen. First of all, what the hell is sony doing in the gaming buisness? Second of all, why does a system need a dvd player? ("But the ps3 can change into birthstone colors every month! That is sooooo cool") BULLSHIT! Who gives a shit about a system that can change color. Big deal. I take shits that have better color than that.
Now that the sony playstation 3 can play dvds, subsitute as a computer, change colors every month, will it wipe my ass, trim my hair and do brain surgery?
by Harsh_Critic March 26, 2005
A piece of shit that will mark the end of the video game industry as we known it, of course it will sell as well if not better than previous playstation models and kill Nintendo once and for all, leaving another arse-ramming company microsoft as the only other machine left in the console arena.
"Sorry Honey, I killed the orignal games market"
by Madmanjock January 23, 2005
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