A somewhat large, shiny, and expensive novelty paperweight.
Joe: Hey man, you gonna play your Wii this weekend?
Jack: What're you talking about? I can't even find a Wii anywhere, you idiot!
Joe: Hey, what's that ginormous thing on your desk?
Jack: Ah, it's called a PlayStation 3. See, I needed something to hold down all my extra money—so I went out and bought this thing. Turns out once I bought it, I actually didn't need it anymore.
by L. Adam April 10, 2007
A system that has already stolen things from the 360 and the Wii, hoping to have success with a $500 minimum price tag. The things stolen were the motion sensor, obviously ripped off of from Nintendo's Wii controller, and the Xbox Live Marketplace concept from Xbox Live.
The Playstation 3 controller stole the motion sensor from the Wii controller! Bastards!

The Playstation 3 stole the Marketplace concept from Xbox Live! Bastards!
by Michael Poppell May 09, 2006
An overpriced videogame console that steals many aspects from both the Xbox 360 and the Wii. It's controllers also strangely resemble a double ended dildo.
Playstation 3 Creators wondered why more than %80 of their purchasers were single old fat ladies, and gay men. They then realized this was because their controllers could be used as dildos.
by R. Jevon January 20, 2007
The Playstation 3 is a big, expensive, stupid, and heavy next-gen gaming system. You will die from holding it. Buy a Wii, or even the crap 360, or even a PS2.
Guy1-Hey, whatcha' holding there? The new Playstation 3?
by Wes X. June 09, 2006
System currently (probably) on/off the works. It will probably have more standard computer similarities such as a high GB harddrive with purchase, etc.
I submit advanced cd-r/w capabilities with this installment of the PS line.
by LarstaiT December 28, 2003
The best console for the gamer. It will be released in spring 2006 and have so much more then the PS2 had. The heart of this beast is the CELL PowerPC-base core with 7 working cores each running at 3.2 GHz. The total floating point performance is 218 gigaflops for the CELL. The GPU for it will be the RSX "Reality Synthesizer" made by Nvidia running at 550 MHz with 1.8 TFLOPS and full HD up to 1080p x 2. There will be 512 MB of both XDR and GDDR3 RAM at crazy speeds. To sum it up this is going to be sweet.
The PS3 is going to be more powerful then PC's and all other consoles with great games.
by ganban May 18, 2005
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