also known as smokin weed.
parent: what did you do in tommy's house?
kid: we were playing videogames.
parent: oh, sounds like fun!
by 5150 August 01, 2004
Top Definition
1. Term for masturbation.
"Mom, don't come in. I'm playing video games. Let me beat this boss, and I'll be right out."
by BioMechMoose June 04, 2005
when one uses the the excuse of playing video games when they are caught with their shlongs out after filming a gay porno.
what are you doing?!?
Gah!! Were playing video games!!
by GMC/CAB February 07, 2011
Expression used by geeks for a circle jerk.
Me and my buds stayed in a just watching porn and "playing video games" together all night.
by Jackson 5 August 31, 2006
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