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one who is at a high risk for any of the following:
A. getting his/her ride busted (see also: dusted)

B. contracting HIV

C. catching the crabs...and not the good kind either. Real players don't have time to fish.
"ou ain't no playyyy-yuh."
-John Witherspoon, Friday
by lhillookalike March 10, 2005
22 16
cant like one girl at a time
Liam Nester is a player with all the girls in the grade
by Bob Tangy April 24, 2011
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A boy, usually a teenager or young adult, that fucks and/or dates every possible girl that he can. If a girl is a player, she is usually referred to as a whore.
Crystal loves how hot Jeremy looks in basketball shorts, but she would never date him because he's such a player.
by XxRevolutionaryxX August 23, 2010
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plural noun of player \ˈplā-ər\ derived from fourteenth century English meaning one that plays:
A) A person who plays a game or sport
B) One actively involved especially in a competitive field or process : participant <a key player in the game>
C) A person who is involved competitively in a field or process such as a game or sport.

D) A male with specific attributes that appear irresistible to females, such as money, looks, the magic, the moves, the lines and/or girth.
Example A

Female: Hey you guys are gorgeous and obviously rich, you've both got the magic and the moves

Male: All them and a little more baby...

Female: You mean you've got the girth too? You absolute players.

Male: Its nice to meet you, I'm Derry and this is my man Drip.

Example B

Onlooker #1: "Hey looks at those guys surrounded by all those fit birds, they're definitely players"

Onlooker #2: "Don't you know thats Drip and Derry??"
by Collins Concise Dictionary January 23, 2010
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a person that has multiple love interests
Lexie Suttle is a player
by Sager96 January 22, 2010
7 2
A male who women say they hate but in reality they really like them because that is how they get their sexual fulfillment. Since they get their fulfillment this way they don't have to return the favor with other males since the players keep them fulfilled. This is especially true of women in their 20's who are not ready to commit.
Sally: George is one of the players. I tell people I hate his type, but not really. Pam: Are you going to head out on the town tonight?
by Pat_F October 01, 2013
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a guy who will hook up with any girl on campus
players like sean parker get all the girls
by phx22222 August 19, 2009
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