Somebody who plays people to get sexual favours/material goods usually. The term used fo a female playa.Playerettes get respect for their skillz and have respect fo otha playas,they can also usually suss anova playa easily.Well get whatever they want and whoever they want by charming and sweet talking the person to get it. Possibly even making false promises,a very good liar also.
"Damnn dat gurl gets woteva she wants."

"I lost my virginity to her as she said that she wanted to be with me forever and that i was the best thing that had ever happened to her,after i found out she had a bf,and she neva spoke to me agen,she broke my heart."

"Dat gurl iz sum playerette,she used me fo sex den dropped me jus like dat wen she got bored ov me.I still fink tha world ov her tho."
by gotgamegurl August 17, 2005
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