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To maliciously build up an individual to make them think that they are way more of a pimp or a player than they really are. This occurs when it comes to dealing with establishing a relationship, hooking up and getting sex with someone. This si usually done to enjoy the ensuing humiliation when the person makes an attempt.
Dude 1:"Hey, dude you should go talk to that really hotchick over there"
Dude 2 " Really, do you think I have a chance, she's like really hott I would say almost a ten"
Dude 1: "Yeah man go for it!!!"
Dude 2 "Okay" Walks over"
Dude 3: "Man why you gotta playercate him it's not cool!!"
Dude 1: (Can't stop laughing because dude 1 just got slapped by the hott chick)
by Ian Childs February 21, 2008
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