A hater of players. To hate players. Someone who hates players.
Players hate those player haters that hate those players.
#micca #player #hater #play #hate #hatter #playerhater #playerhatter
by miccadoin September 05, 2006
Otherwise known as a Yawanna. Being a Yawanna or Yahater, is what people do when they are jealous of another's success. A Yawanna is a player hater. A little pathetic man who spends his days player hating...Yawanna's are typically rude and insulting of others they view as threats.
I'm getting tired of that player hater Wayne, he is always saying the meanest things about me. He is such a Yawanna.
#yawn-e #yahater #hater #playa hater #yaya
by MCJeffree September 29, 2006
N. a friendly term used to refer to one's peeps. Generally, the term signifies that one's peeps are serious, hence, not players. Dave CHAPPELLE has a hillarious skit in regards to the term's literalness.
This goes out to all the player-haters out there in the audience tonite.
#player #hater #peeps #homies #chappelle
by somegoof February 01, 2006
One who is jealous and does any and everything possible to hold down the next man.
He saw me with this bad bitch so he went and told her I was fucking shorty from across the street.
by 1che October 21, 2003
A man who shows strong dislike against sexual deviants aka sluts. A believer in morals and making love to just one woman. Generally of greater maturity and intelligence then the average man, and very often better looking.
Yeah, I'm a player hater...you little sluts need to be castrated to stop spreading your disease. Losers.
by JackAllen February 22, 2005
a cockblocker. someone who you need to watch out for becuase a player hater will cockblock you any way they can. a person who is jealous of a man having relationships with women.
A cockblocker just cockblocked another guy he was player hating. since he is preventing his chances of scoring he must be a player hater.
#cockblocker #cockblocked #playerhater #player hater #jealous
by Clinton Ziza Smith April 28, 2006
n. possibly the lowest form of life or if not right under paramecium or slime mold. Takes great measures to prevent true players from having sex with women they have just met.
Every time I go to the club with Karim he's gotta player hate.
by not a buster February 08, 2003
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